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Lawn fertilizer promotes thicker, greener growth.

Fertilizing your lawn promotes vitality and growth throughout the warm weather seasons. Some of the specific benefits of fertilizing the lawn of your home or business in Eastern Nebraska include:

  • Weed control: You have probably noticed that your local lawn and garden store has a large section devoted to weed control products. It’s good to have when you need them, but fertilizing your lawn and plants regularly can prevent weed growth altogether or at least slow it. That is because weeds have difficulty taking root in thick, healthy grass.
  • Protects your investment: It’s frustrating to invest in new turf only to see it quickly damaged by weeds, disease, and insects. Setting up a fertilization schedule from the start means your new grass will continue looking lush and green.
  • Your yard won't be a muddy mess when raining: Without fertilizer, your yard can develop unsightly puddles and mud patches. Since fertilizer strengthens the roots of your grass, it can absorb water much faster. Not only does this prevent mud patches and puddles, but it can also eliminate ones that have already formed.
  • Prevents and treats lawn and plant diseases: Fungal growth, insect damage, wilting, and rotting are just some of the problems that can affect the lawn and plants of your Nebraska home or business. A regular fertilization schedule prevents and reverses these common problems.

Finding the optimal fertilizing schedule is complex!

Several factors determine when would be the best time to apply fertilizer. Some of these include season, types of fertilizers available, and diseases that your lawn or plants may already have. At Go Green Lawns, we complete a comprehensive evaluation of your lawn before establishing a schedule and recommending products. Take advantage of our years of experience to get your lawn fertilization just right.

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Part of maintaining a healthy lawn is getting rid of the weeds, learn how we do it.

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