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Why hire us?

Our customers' choose us because they absolutely appreciate superior results and don't mind paying a little extra cost to get it. However, with GO GREEN LAWNS there are no hidden charges or selling of extra services that you don't need. We refuse to use low cost generic products like the competition. We only use the best professional golf course grade products available, which are applied to your lawn only when the time is right. As members of the Better Business Bureau, we firmly stand for business ethics and integrity. In fact, our motto is "We rather lose a sale than lose our customers' trust". 2019 Better Business Bureau integrity award nominee. Free service calls for the treatment of any crabgrass and or grub damage. If a quality issue does arise, we stand fully behind our work. Our promise is to give our customers an outstanding customer service experience. So, let us do for you what the competition won't. Request your estimate today. The owner himself will call you back to discuss your lawn care needs.
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What do pre-emergents do and how do they work?

There are two types of pre-emergent products available in today's market place that the homeowner should know about. One type stops the germination of crabgrass and foxtail, as well as, other select annual weeds such as spurge. The second type stops the germination of broadleaf weeds such as dandelions. Both products put down a protective barrier to stop the germination of their target weeds. However, the difference is in the timing of these two different applications.

    The first treatment that you are scheduled to receive in March contains a balanced fertilizer to help green up and maintain your lawn. However, also in the Spring (April), you will receive as part of your service the type of pre-emergent that stops grassy annual weeds such as crabgrass. It is important to have this protective barrier put down before the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees on a consistent basis. Crabgrass will not potentially germinate until the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees or higher on a consistent basis.

     On the other hand, dandelions germinate in the Fall and flower (seed) in the Spring. As a part of the pre-emergent treatment, you will also receive an application of broadleaf weed killer that will eliminate any dandelions that germinated in your lawn last Fall. Air temperature, however, should be 60 degrees or higher to successfully kill most broadleaf weeds. So, you will be receiving your broadleaf weed control treatment this year (2nd...

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