If you've noticed a problem with Junebugs and other beetles in the early summer months, and patches of dead grass on your lawn by late summer, you probably have a grub issue.  Grubs can be the larvae of many different species, including Japanese Beetles, Chafers, and the dreaded June Bug.  These pesky beetles lay their eggs in your grass, and when they hatch they feed on your roots and grass, leaving dead and brown patches scattered across your yard.

Think you have a grub problem?  10-15 grubs per sq/ft is considered an infestation, and will cause issues down the road. 

We are experts in getting rid of grubs, while still being conscientious of the environment.  We follow the Intergrated Pest Management guidelines, which aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level. 

If you have a grub problem, you may even be able to peel back patches of dead grass in your lawn.  This is because the grubs feed on the roots of the grass, killing the blades and leaving them floating on your lawn, dying from lack of nutrients from the soil.  Your yard may feel spongy, as if it were freshly laid sod.  

You may also notice signs of other critters in your yard, like raccoons and birds digging up your lawn.  They're looking for a feast of their own, the large and mature grubs growing in your lawn!

The key to managing your grub problem is to take care of it before they hatch and begin to cause damage to your lawn.  We can help you with all the necessary steps to ensure your yard is free of grubs, ensuring less damage, less June Bugs smacking you in the face at night, and a healthier yard.  

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