Proper mowing techniques and practices, along with proper watering, are critical to maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. One common mistake of homeowners is mowing their type of turf species too short. Another common mistake is removing too much of the leaf blade at one time. You are really asking for trouble if you mow your lawn with a dull mower blade. All three poor mowing practices can spell disaster for the health and appearance of your lawn. Below are some guidelines to help you avoid these common mistakes.

Mowing height - Mow bluegrass at a height of 3 inches. Fescue turf should be mowed even higher with a height range of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. The lower range is fine in the early Spring or the late Fall, however, generally speaking the higher number is the preferred height. Within reason, you actually can't mow your turf too high except for personal preferrence for appearance or mechanical limitation. Not all residential mowers have height adjustments this high, so as a general rule mow at the highest setting or one notch below.

Mow frequently - Try not to remove more than the top 1/3 of the leaf blade per cutting.

Sharp blade only - A dull mower blade will severely damage your turf by tearing instead of making a clean cut on the leaf blade. You are at greatest risk for turf diseases if the grass blade is damaged or torn by a dull mower blade. This is particularly true in warm months of late May thru mid September. I recommend sharpening your blade several times during the season. In Nebraska or Iowa, there are approximately 30 weeks in the typical mowing season. Approximately 10 hours of mowing can dull even the sharpest mower blade. Since a dull mower blade can cause a point of entry for lawn disease, make sure the blade is sharpest starting in mid May thru mid September. This time span is when lawn disease outbreaks are most likely. Ten hours of use is an approximation of time, so check the blade for sharpness each use between June 1st and September 1st as a guideline. If the blade is dull or damaged, it is time to sharpen. A sharp mower blade is more cost effective than fungicides or reseeding your turf.

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