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Understanding Aeration In Nebraska

If the lawn at your Eastern Nebraska home is looking dull and brown, consider aeration services from Go Green Lawns LLC. Lawns in all climates often fall victim to soil compaction, which makes the grass hard and damages its roots. Aeration allows your lawn to breathe by opening the soil that sits directly below it. If you can’t seem to achieve a healthy-looking lawn despite frequent mowing and maintenance, aeration removes the thatch build-up for a lush and deeply green appearance.

Our crew uses professional-grade equipment when aerating your lawn. Not only does it remove thatch, it places small punctures in your grass so it can get the water and fertilizer it needs for healthy growth. This allows nutrients to permeate its root zones. Since aeration is an infrequent task, it makes sense to hire professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Heavy foot traffic or driving vehicles onto the lawn increases the frequency at which you may require lawn aeration in Nebraska.

The Overseeding Process

You have greater potential for weed overgrowth when you have a large lawn or one without thick turf. In addition to weed infestation, overseeding is the ideal solution for problems such as patchy or thinning grass, bare spots, poor drainage, or damage from severe weather conditions. It’s especially useful in the late summer or early fall, before the winter season hits. Overseeding restores your lawn and gives it a healthy and attractive appearance.

This process involves planting new grass seeds in the problem area to enhance its color and improve density. Overseeding requires us to treat your entire lawn since spot seeding is more effective to resolve areas of patchy grass. Combining overseeding with core aeration and fertilizing is especially useful in improving its long-term health. Additionally, lawn overseeding in Louisville, Bellevue, or Papillion improves resistance to weeds in the future and provides protection from insects and diseases.

Lawn Fertilization Service

Fertilizing Services

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