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What exactly is a weed and feed?

If you've read our recent blog posts you may notice a recurring theme...timing is everything! 

So what is a weed and feed exactly?

There are a variety of different lawn chemicals with the purpose of weed and feeding.  It helps promote a healthy lawn by killing unwanted weeds, adds necessary growth nutrients, and improves your lawn's ability to absorb water!  All these things come together to give you a nice, weed free yard.  The chemicals we use focus on broad leaf weeds (you know - the pesky ones).  Pulling these weeds can leave pits in your yard, weakening the roots of otherwise healthy grass, which is why chemicals are recommended instead.  The blends of fertilizer used in a weed and feed vary by brand, but all of them are focused on providing nutrients, promoting growth, and leaving you with a healthy looking lawn.

Now that's a healthy looking lawn!

You may be thinking, will your healthy grass die along side the weeds being sprayed?  Luckily, no!  The granules are absorbed by the broad leaves of the weed, and your grass is safe.  Liquids can also be used in place of granules, which are equally effective.  Grass is hearty and tough, but if you apply too much of any chemical to it, it will burn and damage, so it's better to take a less is more approach when dealing with chemicals!


Safety first!  Always wear protective gear when dealing with chemicals.


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